December 31, 2013

Planning ahead

I'm planning a Fabric Embargo for 2014.  I have an enormous stash and with every new fabric purchase, something that I have wanted to make for months or years slips further down the list.  My plan is to use my stash for at least the first six months of 2014, possibly the entire year.  Heaven knows, I could go many YEARS without buying anything new!

I have 3 UFOs that I want to finish:
  • Lily Pad/Atkinson Designs quilt - needs 2 borders
  • 2010 Designer Mystery BOM - needs final border
  • Second Story/Miss Rosie Quilt Company - blocks finished, needs assembly/pieced sashing

Since I don't do well with detailed planning of future projects, I'm just going to go where my whim takes me when I am ready to start the next project.  Some things I know I will be making in 2014:
  • Baby quilt for my niece, who is expecting in June - planning will commence once baby's gender is revealed.  This will be my one exception to the "Nothing New" rule as the expectant Mommy wants input into the design and I may not be able to make it from my stash.
  • Hubble/Miss Rosie's Quilt Company - using Basic Grey's Little Black Dress & LBD2
  • This Square Root of Nine/A Quilter's Dream quilt for my mom
  • Get started on graduation quilts for my twin boys (though I'm still in denial that they are going to graduate in 2015!!)


  1. I know the feeling about the fabric stash. I've been whittling away at mine this year, with more projects coming from my stash than from new purchases. Still, barely made a dent! I'm going to keep at it in 2014, though I have not put myself on a total fabric embargo (love the term, BTW). Good luck with your projects and happy new year.

  2. An embargo? Really?? You are the one who said there's no such thing as too much fabric! But I do know what you mean . . . my best intentions for not buying fabric usually go by the wayside when I find something too beautiful to pass up. Hope you have a great 2014!

  3. That's awesome, Lisa!!! I get where you are coming from!! I will cheering you on!! :-)

  4. You go, girl. I'm with you on the fabric embargo, as far as possible. I am thinking I may have to buy fabric for backings for some of the things I have planned, but it's definitely time to trim the stash. And also make a couple of quilts from the scrap tubs. My scraps are pressed and cut into commonly used sizes, which will make them easier to use.

  5. I know you can do it! OMG, I didn't even think that Ev will graduate NEXT YEAR. WTH? lol

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my catvent quilt finish! Although I'm going to be more selective with adding to my stash this year, I don't think I could do an embargo - eek! I am going to use more of my stash, however. One project that I have on the cutting table is Bonnie Hunter's latest scrap quilt. For this one, I am using only fabrics on hand - yippee!

  7. It has to be extra hard for you when you work in a quilt shop! Good luck on your embargo.
    I like the projects you have planned.
    When I made graduation quilts for my twin sons... it took me 4 years to hand them over to them. I was so emotionally attached!