March 17, 2014

Embargo, Month 2

How did I do?   Well, suffice it to say, this picture says it all.   I did make it almost through the entire month of February with no fabric purchases.

What did me in?  I got a message that the Civil War sampler quilt I was having hand quilted was on its way home to me.  I intended to use the border fabric for the binding of this quilt, but when I found the fabric in my stash, I didn't think it was meant to be the binding.

There had to be something better.  A dig through my Civil War stash told me it wasn't anything I already had, so I went poking around at the Fat Quarter Shop.  I found what I thought would be a great binding, an olive green and black Jo Morton pinstripe, and it was on sale!  I bought it with less than a week to go before the end of the month, thereby losing my "no fabric" bet with my DD.

I wasn't even sure the fabric would be a match - you know how it is sometimes when you order online - the color you get isn't always the color you were expecting.

Was I happy?  Yes, it was a perfect match.  I will share a picture of this gorgeous quilt when the binding is done, later this week.


  1. Perfect fabric for your binding ! Can't wait to see your finished quilt :-D

  2. When I set fabric embargo's, I make allowances for fabric to finish quilts. That way they get done... course, it doesn't count if I buy more than is needed. So, I think you are in a good place because you have a finish on your hands. Looking forward to your pictures.