April 26, 2014

Garden Medallion

I saw this beautiful quilt on my longarm quilter's blog after she quilted it for another customer.  She mentioned a kit available at a local shop.  I may have left work early that day so I could race right over and buy one, but - to my disappointment - they didn't have any kits.  They did have the pattern, Garden Medallion by Bloomin' Workshop, so I bought one and started planning my quilt.  I have quite a bit of Kaffe Fassett fabric stashed, so I started playing.  I decided I wanted to make mine larger than the pattern, and included another pieced border.

I love the large, colorful Kaffe prints, but they can be hard to work with.  Sometimes the big prints have colors that you don't want in your quilt.  Sometimes I changed the fabric in one border, then had to change all subsequent borders to get the look I wanted.

I made hourglass blocks for the fourth border instead of the pinwheels shown on the pattern.  I also added a pieced star in the upper left and lower right corners of the quilt.  My quilt is 70x70.  The pattern without one added border is 63x63.


  1. WOW !!!! JUST GORGEOUS !!!!! I love how you added the the hourglass and stars to your quilt . You are SO clever !

  2. Beautiful quilt. Love the colors. You did a good job with them.

  3. Every time I look at that quilt, I'm blown away. The colors are so beautiful!