August 8, 2014

All over the map

My sewing has been very unfocused of late!

I hit a wall with my Metro Hoops quilt, not just the fact that I seemed unable to get the corner squares to match (there's the perfectionist in me), but also that I didn't feel like the fabrics were me.  Too much pink!  It would seem obvious to anyone looking at the fabrics I chose before I started.  But I loved the Waterfront Park line and if you love a fabric, doesn't that mean you'd love the resulting quilt?  Apparently, not so for me.

I'm still determined to use the Quick Curve Ruler and actually produce a finished quilt top.  I've moved on to the Metro Twist pattern.  No corner setting squares to match (or not match, in my case).  This one seems more do-able to me.

I'm using Indelible by Katarina Roccella and love the colors, especially the dark grey background with a little bit of color.

I'm still trying to whittle down my stash to a more reasonable level.  This has meant making some hard choices about what stays and what goes.  I appreciate all of you that have helped me destash.  Beautiful fabric should not just sit in my closet when someone will actually use it.  I've added more items to the destash blog today.  Check it out!

I also joined an Instagram Strawberry Swap #thestrawberryswap   I haven't had good luck with swaps in the past, but when I saw the cute minis from the Schnitzel & Boo swap and then heard about this one with the strawberry theme, I couldn't resist.

I made this mini for my partner.  I used a combination of shrunken Strawberry Social blocks and the Berry Basket pattern found here.  I hope my partner likes the mini quilt and the other goodies I have gathered for her.

Awww Saturday....   I need to concentrate on getting my projects cut out for some classes that I'm taking with two of my best quilting buddies at the Buggy Barn the week after next.  Some fun ahead!!

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