June 30, 2005


I didn't study my pattern very carefully and noticed after I'd begun knitting that the London Top I'm working on is much shorter than the other tops in the book.  Since I'm far past the age where it's acceptable to show one's navel, I decided I'd just knit as far as I could with the lime green yarn I had, then go ahead and order 2 more skeins to do the stripes up top (and since the greens wouldn't be touching, who would be the wiser?).

I got the new yarn from a different online shop than the first batch and IT'S THE SAME DYE LOT!  What are the chances that could happen even if I wanted it to???

Will try and post a picture tomorrow.  :) 


  1. LOL about showing one's navel. ;-) I cannot wait to see your top!

  2. haha! I hear ya on the belly baring tops...sometimes it's hard to tell from the pictures too. The London top is gorgeous though - great colors - can't wait to see yours. :-) I see you're planning a Nothin' But a T - I love mine - it was my first experience with Calmer and came out so soft.