July 13, 2005

Two is not always better

What's worse than a case of pinkeye?  Well, having it in both eyes, thankyouverymuch.  Argh.  I'm not a baby, but this makes me feel like one.  It is such a nuisance!  I guess the saving grace is that the kids don't have it, but it will sure make me more compassionate the next time they do!

I'm excited to finish my London top.  I like the finishing instructions in the Dale book.  Seems like it will be easy to do.  I'm crossing fingers that it fits.  I did give it a mid-way try on, but the thing looks huge!  I guess I'll be even more disappointed if it DOES fit because I'm not that big, am I?  lol

Got a few more rows done on my NBaT.  It's pretty boring knitting, but I'm absolutely loving the feeling of the Rowan Calmer.  I think I'm going to scrap the one skein I reknitted so many times for Elspeth and see if Jimmy Beans Wool still has a skein in my same dye lot.  Fingers crossed!

1 comment:

  1. Ouch! Poor eyes. =( I can't wait to see if the London top fits. =) Good luck getting that same dye lot. Fingers crossed.