July 19, 2005

Knitting in the dark

Still suffering from pinkeye!  It's not nearly so painful now, but the constant tearing/blurry vision and extreme light sensitivity has limited my knitting ability!  :(    I did cast on and knit the first 9 rows of the Corset Tank.  Loving the way it looks!  I'll be happy to have my normal vision back, though.  Scary to think of not being able to see permanently!

I found someone on Knitter's Review that has 2 skeins of Calmer in my color and dye lot - woo hoo!  Ain't the Internet grand???


  1. Pinkeye?! Oh no - that sounds horrible. :-( And it's bad enough to have a sore eye but not to be able to knit on top of that just puts it right over the top. Hope you're feeling better. The corset tank is very nice!

  2. I broke down yesterday and bought the corset pattern myself. I just love all the one's I've been seeing people working on. I have 13 balls of Calmer sitting in my stash to use for it.
    Which color were you using for yours - the Sour? I love that color. Such a great yarn!