September 13, 2005

Old Rowan magazine

Bags I got an older issue of Rowan magazine from a blogger who was destashing.  There were three projects I just LOVED, using a discontinued Rowan yarn called Fine Cotton Chenille.  I did some searching and found this internet seller with their version of a fine cotton chenille at only $1.95 per skein!  I was able to order yarn for all three projects for only $35!  The shipping was a little steep (over $9), but get this - I ordered the yarn Chen1 on Friday and received it MONDAY!  Very, very cool.

The stash, she keeps a' growin'


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  1. I have a copy of Rowan 19, and the best thing I ever did from it was Nautical Twist by Louisa Harding, which is knitted with the Rowan denim and is meant to be washed as many times as possible. I used the lighter blue denim, which I think was discontinued, but I've seen it done in black, too. I've been washing mine for seven or eight years now, and it keeps fading and looking more fabulous. )There's also a cool paneled baby blanket in the magazine, but the spider pattern has a major mistake in it.)