September 15, 2005

Wildfell resurrected

With the weather turning colder and more fall-like here in the Seattle area, I picked up my Wildfell cardigan once again.  Love the easy stitch pattern and the Kochoran yarn knits up so quickly!  I have the back finished and now I'm working on both the front pieces at once.

Quilting is on hold as I slog agonizingly through the sewing of my daughter's cheerleader costume.  I can't quilt because i have purple thread in my machine.  I will keep purple thread in my machine until I finish the durn costume.  Then I can reward myself by going back to my quilting.

A coworker wants to commission me to make him a quilt.  I have no idea even what to charge him, but I told him to sketch out what he had in mind and we can discuss it.

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