September 20, 2005

Simplicity, my ass!

9798bsim Any knitting and quilting projects are currently on hold until I finish my daughter's Halloween costume.  She wanted to be a cheerleader with a purple and pink outfit.  Simple enough...  I made a cheerleader costume about 15 years ago for my niece.  But wow, this little skirt alone has 18 pieces!  The skirt, the top AND the little panties underneath all require inserting a zipper - ay-yi-yi!  The skirt is done except for the hem, which is basted into place.  I started work on the top last night, but was stuck when I realized I needed a zipper I didn't have!  I also need to buy some knit fabric for the panties.  Will pick that up tonight so I can get motoring on this.

I did find an online source for chenille letters and got those ordered.  I am going to use M L E for the name of her elementary school.


  1. OY! Well at least you know Lily will wear it out, since she is going to live in it! ;-)

  2. It would be super easy to put in an alastic ban in place of the sipper, just make sure you have like an inch and a half extra at the top to make that part!
    I made some PJ pants that required like 10 parts and I did it with 4 :) I THINK THEY looked cute NONE THE LESS LOL!

  3. man I can't type.. need to drive home lol QUICK!