September 27, 2005

Some progress to report

Suede I finished the knitting for this Berocco knitting tote.  Now I have to wait for the bamboo handles I ordered to finish it.  I plan to crochet the trim around the top with a hot pink suede and use that for the tassles as well.



Wildfell_1 I am moving right along with the Wildfell cardigan.  I'm knitting both sides of the front, and I have only 10 rows to go until I start the armhole decreases.  Then Sleeve Island, the collar, and I'm finished!  It will certainly be just the right accessory for these chillier fall days we've been having!

Still trying to finish the cheerleader costume.  I am having a heck of a time with the skirt hem.  I promised the kids they could try on their costumes October 1, so I'd better get cracking and finish it!

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  1. You are trucking right along on Wildfell! Love it!!! And your orange suede bag is gorgeous. =)