September 2, 2005

Yay! It's Friday!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts.  My knitting is not so exciting, but with the long weekend, I should progress enough on both my projects to post photos.

I'm also extremely excited about quilting again, after spending last Saturday afternoon with my SIL and quilt-buddy Jan.  We submitted our applications for our guild's retreat in November, and fingers are crossed that we make it in.  Retreat is always a HUGE source of inspiration.  One part I also love is that we have "sewing room sale" tables, where you can lay out all those "why did I ever buy this?" fabric from your stash.  It finds a new home, and you find $$$$.  I've always seemed to make enough to pay for my retreat weekend, which is totally awesome.  Of course, it would be even more awesome if I stopped buying these fabrics in the first place!

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