October 7, 2005

Progress, but nothing to show

I've made a little bit of progress on a whole lot of projects, but nothing exciting enough to show here.  I'm 4" past the armhole shapings on Wildfell - just 6-3/4" and I can start the neck shaping.  It's becoming quite awkward to knit while riding my bike, so I may have to devote some TV time to knitting on it.

I'm working on cutting strips of bright fabrics from my stash for Lily's Hello Kitty Quilt.  I need to sew 1-1/2" strips together for the sashing between the blocks, so we're talking a bazillion strips.  This is going to take a long time, but I hope to have the sashing done and take the project with me to my quilt retreat in November.

I'm also going through my fabric, magazine and book stash to see what I might want to try and sell at the retreat's "sewing room sale".  I thought I had culled pretty much all of my fabrics in the past years, but the stuff seems to multiply from year to year.  Funny how it's never the "good stuff" that I find taking up space!

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