November 30, 2005

First day back

I returned to kickboxing last night for the first time since my calf injury.  Seeing as how I missed almost all of November and the last week of October, I was pretty wiped out.  It felt like I'd never done it before!  But it also felt good to sweat and I hope I can return to a higher level of fitness.

In my month of vactions/eating/less workouts, I gained 5 pounds, but considering the eating (and drinking) I did, I was amazed it was that little.  And I lost 2 pounds this week, so I'm back on the right track.  It makes me sick that last January I was 2 pounds from my Weight Watchers goal and now I'm back to having a bit over 20 pounds to lose.  It's been a rough and emotional year for me, though.  :(

Knitting and quilting are both progressing.  I'm trying to finish stitching the binding on my mom's quilt so I can send it to her for Christmas.  She knows about the quilt (she picked it), but I'm sure she won't be expecting to receive it at Christmas.  I am also sending my dad & stepmom a quilt for Christmas and they will be surprised, I'm sure.

I am nearly finished with my Moonlight something-or-other scarf from Scarf Style.  I am down to 2 very small parts of the last 2 skeins of yarn.  I may only use one, though, depending on how many ends I want to weave in.

I got a cool new digital camera on Black Friday, but I haven't figured out how to transfer my pictures to upload them.  It requires many more brain cells than I have available at the moment!  But hopefully I'll be able to share pictures soon.

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