January 19, 2006

Long time, no update

I had bronchitis last week, which knocked me flat for a week plus.  The last time I used that many sick days at work, I came home with a baby!  But lots of sleep and good drugs, and I'm feeling much better.  I think it will take a while for my lung capacity to return, so I am going easy on the exercise for now.

My last 3 days of being home sick (thank goodness for the 3-day weekend!), I finally got the urge to work on a quilt.  My current project required a lot of up and down with ironing, cutting and sewing each piece, so I started something new that I could sit and cut or sit and sew for long periods.  It's this quilt, and there are so many pieces!  But they are coming together.  I really should go back to my Asian print fabric quilt, but I'm having just too much fun with this one, and loving the colors!

Gosh, 2 resolutions broken before the end of the month - that must be some kind of record!!!

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