January 30, 2006

Hello? Is this thing on?

They are going to take away my blogger's license unless I start updating more regularly.  Problem is, I haven't really done anything blog-worthy!  I am working on a quilt, making 245987688 quarter square triangles.  But nothing actually sewn together that I can show my blog reading audience.

I will say that I love, love love, this little quilt tool for making quarter square triangles, which are something that I have avoided in the past.  I have this thing for making my triangles "perfect" and this helps me to put that anal-retentive smile on my face by making square after perfect square.

My next quilt, I intend to conquer the flying geese block using this other quilting tool.  Flying geese are something else that I've always avoided and am anxious to see if the tool works as slick as it appears to look.  This could open up whole new avenues of patterns for me!

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