May 15, 2006

Black & white & red all over!

I'm still cutting strips and squares for my next quilt project.  The stacks of stash fabrics to cut don't seem to be getting any smaller, either!  I am using over 40 blacks, over 20 cream/white and close to 100 reds, almost all from stash and some using up the very last scrap of a piece of fabric!  It's been a lot of fun to revisit some of the reds that have been in more than one past quilt and some that there is only one or two 2-1/2" squares left.

Bwr I was so anxious to see the pattern, though, I had to put together four blocks to inspire me to continue with all of the cutting!  Here is the first corner, and I'm loving it!

I had to laugh because my DD made me a card at school for Mother's Day and it listed my favorite things.  She listed my favorite color as red, which it is not, but I assume she probably thinks so after seeing me working with this giant pile of red fabrics for the last few weeks!


  1. I look forward to seeing your progress on this quilt. The contrast with red, black and white is going to be great. I like scrap quilts too. They have a unique artistry all their own. It will be one of a kind with your signature on it.