May 1, 2006

Mondays Suck!

There are FIVE Mondays in May - that hardly seems fair!  But the last one is a holiday and today is my birthday, so I guess they are not all bad.

I only did 10 laps at the pool this morning.  I haven't been swimming since Wednesday because my rotator cuff is causing me agony.  But I got a good chiropractic adjustment Friday and I was pain free all weekend.  But after this morning's swim, it's a little achy.  I will have another adjustment this afternoon, but I can't keep getting adjusted every time I swim, if I plan to do it at least 3 times a week.  $$$

I didn't get much done in the quilting arena, but I did finish the pinwheel border on my stepsister's quilt.  I'm debating whether to add another border of the brown horseshoe fabric, but on the other hand, I'm ready to call this one "done."

I've located a longarm quilter in Seattle and plan to meet with her later this week to deliver my DD's teacher's quilt for her to work on.  It will be a good test for me to see if I like her, something I need to get done by mid-June, but something I'm not so very attached to.  Fingers crossed!

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