June 15, 2006

Shoulder update

I finally got my MRI results back and while I'm relieved there is nothing torn or requiring surgery, there really is nothing that is treatable.  It's messed up tendons and rest and rehab is really the only course of treatment.  Though the pain has been increasing the more I have been riding my bike, unfortunately.  I did go in for a cortisone injection yesterday in hope that it might help alleviate the pain.  The pain is exponentially increased with that additional irritation, but hopefully things will settle down in the next few days or weeks.

The doc I saw yesterday said his niece had a similar injury and had to give up swimming.  I am beginning to doubt whether I will be able to compete in the triathlon in August.  It is something I want to do, to be able to say I did, but I also cannot live with this miserable pain with no end in sight.  I guess I have a tough decision to make, or my body will make it for me.

More than anything, I miss kickboxing.  I wish I could just go back to doing that 2-3 times a week - I never had any shoulder problems for the 18+ months I've been working out in this class.  And now it has been 2-1/2 months since I have been able to take a class.  :(

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