August 21, 2006

Yeah, well, um....

Florakit My commitment to the Great Fabric Depression didn't last long.  And although technically neither purchase should 'count' because one was a ONCE IN A LIFETIME (snicker) quilt show purchase and the other was a kit I preordered back in May, I've still fallen hard off the wagon.

Chocolatkit Well the least I can do is share my fabric porn with you.  I know DARLENE is anxious to see what brought me to the dark side....


  1. Hmmmm - "Fabric Porn"!!!! I'll get you My Pretty!
    You are an Evil Temptress.
    Bear in mind that I will get even!!!!!!

  2. only counts if you say it does????

  3. Oh, I love the bottom pic fabrics! I don't think I could have resisted those either. The only way I can resist is by not going in the store! Vacation purchases - which would include souvenirs from a quilt show - and something you ordered last May do *not* count!