August 22, 2006

Can't get in the groove

I typically only work on one quilt project at a time, at least I'm only piecing one project at a time, although sometimes I will cut out another to prep for later.  Like the current project on my design wall - Allemande - which I cut out back in January when I had bronchitis and only had the energy to sit and cut, cut, cut.

I am actually not "feeling" this quilt - it's lovely, but I just can't seem to hit my stride in piecing it.  Plus, it is too large to put up on my design wall, so that is always a creative hindrance as well.

So this weekend, I was doing some cutting - trimming up some half-square triangles for my orange & cream quilt, and cutting out Anniversary Stars from my Moda Rhubarb & Ginger FQs.  So much cutting, that my left forearm is quite sore from all the ruler-holding!

Last night it was blissfully quiet at home, since my DD was spending the night at her cousin's house.  But could I sew worth a darn?  No!  I wasn't able to cut because of the pain my arm, and try as I might, I kept sewing the squares of Allemande together wrong!  Don't ask me how, but when I took one piece apart for the THIRD TIME, I decided I just wasn't meant to sew right now.  Does that ever happen to you?  Maybe tonight....


  1. That's so unfair and frustrating! Maybe you will have better luck tonight.

  2. You just aren't inspired to work on that project. Stay away from it for a day or two and you'll get back in the groove with it.
    Orange and cream quilt??? Do tell.