August 23, 2006

Triumphant return!

I returned for my first kickboxing class last night and I felt like a celebrity!  Everyone was so happy to see me and gave me hugs and it made me so happy to see my friends again.  Even my favorite goofy instructor came running from across the room and gave me a huge hug - and I've never seen him hug ANYONE before!  It made me feel so good to be back.

And boy did we sweat last night!  The shoulder is a little sore, not unbearable.  The thighs are screaming from all the lunges we did last night.  But it's a good kind of sore!  Yay!  I am so happy to be back to doing something I love!  Next class will be Saturday, as I'm sure I will be too sore after my treatment tomorrow to attempt to go to class.


  1. WooHoo - back to kickboxing! I know you're a happy "kickboxer" teehee
    BUT, you must be careful.