November 13, 2006

A little slice of heaven

I'm back from retreat and had a complete blast.  It was really great to go the extra day for the first time this year.  We were able to arrive on Wednesday instead of Thursday, which about half of the 90+ retreaters do.  It really allows you to get settled and productive before the chaos of everyone else arriving on Thursday.

My SIL and I ended up at a great work table - there are 6 to a table and two at
ours were published quilt authors and designers - what fun is that?  We had been to retreats with them before, but you really get a chance bond when you
work so closely together, and they were both so inspiring!

It was quite cold and rainy up the mountains, but there was only one day that we didn't get out for a long walk around the camp. Even our last day, we walked after breakfast. I felt like I was at least doing a little less damage with all the eating. Oh and the one day that it did rain too hard to walk, they had a free yoga class, so we took that and really enjoyed the stretching.

I got 2 massages, got my scissors sharpened, bought fabric for borders of one of the quilts I worked on), and sold some fabric from my sewing room that I knew I would never use.  I also found a source there to donate much more fabric too, so my sewing room is a lot more bare now that I'm home!

But the BEST part, is the cute little vintage sewing machine I bought from a fellow retreater.  I will save that for a separate post, though.

I didn't plan my projects very well this year.  Although I took 5 projects cut out and ready to sew, there wasn't one that I was truly inspired to start, so that was a real mistake.  Although when I got there, one of our guild members who owns a shop had a cute yellow, orange & pink surfboard fabric that I thought might look good for borders of my orange quilt, it inspired me to put together all those orange blocks just so I could see if I needed to buy that border fabric.  The blocks are all together, but need to be trimmed up and assembled, so I did come close to completing a quilt.

The rest of my time was spent sewing 720 half square triangles together.  Yes, I got a lot done, but nothing really to show for it except my stack of HSTs.  I will post a pic when I get the orange quilt together - soon!


  1. You sewed together 720 HSTs?!? Holy moly you were BUSY!!!

  2. Fun, fun, fun. I'm so glad you relaxed and had a great time. The extra day was a good idea.