November 13, 2006

Going Supernova!

Nova2 OK, the absolute BEST part of retreat - 2 years ago at another fall retreat, this woman Pam told us about a retro sewing machine she bought at a garage sale. She said it was green and looked like a rocket ship. Well let me tell you, I've been coveting that machine - sight unseen - for 2 years!  She talked about selling it, but she was also quite attached to it, although her husband wanted it out of the house. Well, the first day of retreat, she was again talking to my SIL about it.

They are in the middle of remodeling and the machine was now in the garage and her DH was really pushing to get it out of the house. So after I heard that, I went to Pam and asked her if she would consider selling it, and to think about how much she would want for it (I was thinking $300-$400). She said "Well I paid $50 for it" and I said "Well, I'd give you $100 and give it a very good home" so we made the deal.

I talked to her about it all weekend, and we decided to follow her home and pick it up on the way.  This machine was better than I could have expected - it's in its own cabinet, beautiful condition - pristine with all the original instruction manuals, cams for embroidery, all the original tools and it's just wonderful and cute as can be.  It's a Necchi Supernova from the 1950s - isn't she great?!

Nova1 Pam said "I can't take your money - I know you will give it a good home" but in all good conscience, I couldn't let her do that (I don't know her THAT well" so I gave her the $50 that she paid. I'm sure I
got the better end of that deal!!!

I threaded it up last night and the top thread sews really well, but the bobbin thread is loopy, so it will need to be serviced, but I'm sure she will be purring like a kitten in no time.  Plus, I was able to get a lead on a great sewing machine repair person and was told if you call and make an appointment, he can do it in 24 hours!  I'm so excited to get this baby running and put her to work.  I need to try and figure out how to rearrange my sewing room to make room for her, though!


  1. Ok, that is such a bargain! Lovely, lovely machine. I'm so envious! =)

  2. Nancy, Near PhiladelphiaNovember 13, 2006 at 6:21:00 AM PST

    Always nice to have a new baby in the family! And this one is AWFULLY cute!
    The retreat sounded wonderful. I'm a tad jealous.

  3. What a beauty - you're really going to enjoy this baby!

  4. Thanks for the comment and suggestion of Kona cotton. Your machine looks great!

  5. Good for you! It looks like it is in primo condition.

  6. That is a great find and all the cams included!! What a delight!

  7. My mother in law has one of those that she might sell. I must say, its probably the most interesting sewing machine I've ever seen.