November 29, 2006

No high speed Internet for you!!

At least not anytime soon. :( My desires to connect and download at higher than snail speeds have been thwarted by Comcast's inability to find a live cable connection running under my house. They will have to send a maintenance technician out in about 2 weeks. We live in a new development with all the modern connnections supposedly right at the disposal of utility companies, but have had trouble with the satellite, the phone and now the cable. So much for modern conveniences... sigh.

After 7 days home either celebrating, in my sickbed or stuck inside by the snow and impassable icy roads, I'm climbing the walls to get back to work and some adult human contact. If I hear one more Xbox argument, I'll be certifiiable.....


  1. Welcome back to the real world! Sorry you are stuck on snail-up for 2 more weeks. =(

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better, at least. That slow computer is horrible! We have satellite internet and satellite TV that we set up ourselves everywhere we go. Makes life a lot easier to be able to do it on our own.