January 19, 2007

Quilting malaise

Still unable to break out of my funk.  I did some pressing of the 234999439987 half-square triangles I pieced together at my retreat in November, but now I need to trim them to size and that task seems daunting as well.

My orange quilt is still hanging out on the design wall, awaiting its borders and mocking me.  I so don't want to do the mitered borders, even though I know it is the perfect finish for this quilt.  It requires actually THINKING about the process and I'm just mentally exhausted.

I started a new job and work hours and I'm just exhausted when I get home at night.  I just want to veg in front of the tv under the blankets.  And on the weekends, I'm busy catching up with housework and other chores.

I haven't even done a test sew on my Featherweight.  How sad is that?   <heavy sigh>


  1. New job? New hours???
    Hope you feel like quilting soon! =)

  2. You'll get through it. I've started a new job too, and it's not easy juggling everything. I enjoy looking at other quilter's blogs but sometimes it can make me feel I don't accomplish much. Then I think, well, I do well when you take account of the limited time I've got to sew in. You'll get there, just ride with it for the time being.