May 31, 2007

Design Wall Chaos!

WallI am having a BLAST making these Granny Squares for my new quilt. Every time I pass the stack of fat quarters, I pull a fabric and think "oh this will go great with that" and start cutting. But my poor brain is getting confused with all the combinations of fabrics and block configurations.

So I decided tonight that I'll just do all the Block As, then all the Bs and so forth. I plan to make at least 6 of each block, although the designer wrote the pattern a bit differently. I'd like my finished quilt to be larger than hers, but I'm not sure how much larger, but hopefully I will figure that out soon enough - like when I get tired of making blocks!

This one is so much fun!


  1. Love those blocks! I've seen the Chez Moi fabrics in person and the colors are so lovely. I've been thinking about how I would play with them -- but think I've busted the budget for awhile (and have a few dozen projects I need to get out of the way too!)

  2. I am loving these blocks too! Just started a fun new project last night that has me captivated too, so I know how you feel!

  3. It's going to be absolutely darling! Just keep making blocks till you run out of fabric - TA DA - bigger quilt! LOL
    I HAD to order that pattern - tried to resist but finally gave in yesterday.

  4. The best chaos is design wall chaos! Such fun! Those are lovely blocks -- can't wait to see all of them together.

  5. My quilting mentor (umm that would be Nicole) says not to worry too much about the colors in a project like this - they will sort and balance themselves out without you having to put too much thought to it.
    (Isn't this rich - me giving quilting advice)
    Anyway - I really like this project and the colors you have picked - very Matisse like to me.

  6. I have got to buy that pattern, and I love the black background! This is such fun!