May 17, 2007

The Envelope, Please...


Recent posts by Nicole and Nancy reminded me that I had in fact also made an Envelope quilt early in my quilting career, and I promised Nicole I would share a picture.

This is not one I'm particularly fond of. I made it with the intention of giving it to my brother when I drew his name for our Christmas exchange that year, but then decided (and rightfully so) that he would not appreciate the sentiment behind a quilt, so I kept it. The homespun plaids and the general pattern were not exactly what a beginning quilter should be attempting, but I muddled my way through it. I even machine quilted a grid pattern myself!


  1. It is beautiful Lisa! It turned out so masculine looking with those muted colors and all the plaids--it would be perfect for a guy. For a beginner, your skill level was very high. The points are all so sharp and the corners all match up fine. The fact that you just jumped in and did all the machine quilting on your own is amazing too! You must not have had any idea what you were getting into to try and tackle that! Ignorance is bliss as they say. It came out excellently because that is how you do things, never mind that you were a just-starting-out new quilter.

  2. Lisa this is so lovely! I love the plaids you chose and the red border and binding! I want to make this pattern with all Valentines fabrics... someday.

  3. I like it very much -- makes me want to do something with plaids! Thanks for posting it.