June 17, 2007

When the going gets tough,

Geesemake some geese! I hit a major snag with my Granny Squares quilt. I *knew* it was going together too easily. My mistake will involve ripping out several rows of sashing. I use a very small, tight stitch on my sewing machine, so that is not a pleasant task.

I decided to set it aside and make some flying geese from my Chez Moi scraps. I want to make some mini quilts to decorate the walls of my sewing room. Here's my start on the quilt with some 1-1/2x3" flying geese. It will be as big as I can make it with 54 geese, and probably some black sashing between the vertical rows.


  1. However you combine those fabrics Lisa, they are dynamite! Hope to get chance to chat more with you a bit later today.

  2. The flying geese blocks look great. I have to ask, though, why do you use a small, tight stitch on your sewing machine. Just curious!

  3. Okay, bummer about the ripping, but, the flying geese look spectacular!!!