July 8, 2007

Sampler Challenge, Block 3

Block3Here's the third block in our challenge quilt.  I am using the Cinnamon Stars fabric from Moda, designed by Fig Tree Quilts - one of my favorite designers.  I really like using the dark as the background and the lighter fabrics as the accents, and will likely end up doing the majority of my blocks this way.  Pop on over to my friend Nicole's blog to see her block, too!


  1. Love that block! Gorgeous fabrics!

  2. The green in the center (apple green lace) is one of my faves - I like it combined with the dots! Very cute.

  3. Love the blue you are using as a background, the block looks very pretty

  4. Those blocks just keep on getting better and better!

  5. Woah, this is my favorite one yet! I know I keep saying that, but untill the next block is done, I mean it!

  6. That is a beautiful block.

  7. Love those cute little blocks, very nice mix from the Cinnamon Stars collection... ofcourse I have to admit I am a bit biased :-)
    I'm so glad to know that you like our stuff! I, on th other hand, love to see what all of you out there are doing with all the fabrics and I am always inspired byd the amount of stuff you all produce.
    Keep up the fabulous work friends!
    I am excited to try that that new thread you talked about too.