July 15, 2007

New thread

Jo Morton recommended a thread on her Yahoo group as being good for machine piecing without being too linty.  Harriet Hargrave also endorses the Presencia brand thread.  I bought the 60 wt, which is lighter than the 50 wt Star cotton thread that I typically use for piecing.  Not only does the 60 wt take up a smidge less room in the seam allowance, it really does produce far less lint than my usual thread.  I found the thread online at this shop, which has truly EXCELLENT customer service.  I first bought a couple of spools just to try, then went back for a 4882 yard cone, which should last me a good long while (also on sale, btw).

If you like the 50 wt thread, they are offering a special on it this week - some of the colors are just $3.99 per 500 m spool.


  1. I have been using Presencia brand thread for longer than I can remember and love it. I do like to use Mettler 50 wt also but find myself using Presencia more often than not. Enjoy!

  2. I will be trying it! Thanks for the tip. Tell me, what color do you use for most of your piecing?

  3. I've used some of the Presencia on some projects recently. I have to say I like it -- though, I don't seem to have the lint problem that most people complain about with the Star thread. The other one I've heard good things about lately is Aurifil. It seems to be the thread of choice for quilters in my area (or rather, all of the shops seem to be carrying it). You might want to check out the last issue of Quilter's Home -- they did a thread test of a few of the major brands.