January 14, 2008

Blended Quilt, Week 6

ChallengeFinally, some progress on my challenge quilt! I finished the last 7 star blocks I needed to piece for my top. Now the fun begins - laying out the quilt with some plain alternate blocks to get a pleasing arrangement. What's that you say? You see more than 7 blocks? Well, I found 2 more combinations of florals that wanted to be star blocks. And if they don't all play nicely together, I will have one or two I can pull out to get something more to my liking.

Now back to the Valentine's quilt to meet my deadline of getting it to my quilter on Sunday. It looks like I may finish that and still have some time to work on the blended quilt next weekend!


  1. How beautiful, Lisa! I had to stare at the picture for quite awhile, just to enjoy it all. You do such wonderful piecing, too!

  2. Lovely blocks. This is going to be a beautiful quilt and perfect for spring.

  3. OMG Lisa, they turned out beautiful. I love them and see you are even going to make your Sunday deadline.