January 13, 2008

Work Table I Spy

Mess_2Nicole tagged to me show my work table in a little blogging game started by Karen at LeeHaven. Here is my "I Spy" photo. On my worktable you can see:

1. Assorted Creative Grid and Flying Geese Rulers

2. Blended Wall Quilts Book and my notes for my current challenge quilt

3. Tape Dispenser

4. Blended Quilt Blocks

5. Flirtations fabric for Love Notes quilt

6. Love Notes quilt pattern

7. Pincushion made by Angela (won on her blog contest)

8. Tin of Monkey Mints

9. Two pairs of scissors

10. Silver Anniversary rotary cutter

11. Two spools of pink thread for quilt bindings

12. Two pens (do you gather that I like things in pairs?)

13. Post-It Tape Flags

14. Assorted chalk markers

15. Ipod Shuffle

16. Ifreq device for playing iPod over radio frequency

17. Stereo remote

18. Bottle of water

19. Empty coffee cup

20. Christmas receipts and Christmas cards

21. Mix CD of my favorite tunes

Whew! Messier than I thought! Well, back to the grindstone. I may actually have some blended quilt progress to share tomorrow!


  1. I am not sure if this qualifies as messy - just a lovely collections of important stuff!

  2. Oh how fun. I love it.
    Now I am curious...what on that Mix CD of favorite tunes?!

  3. Oh Miss Organization, there isn't anything messy about this.

  4. Um, I have to agree. THIS is not messy. Trust me, I know mess -- this actually looks like a functional work surface to me!

  5. I don't know how "messy" it is - it looks to me like a lovely collection of good stuff! You still have room to make a mess!! Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

  6. It looks like its mid project not messy!! And very organized.

  7. What a fun game, your table doesn't look too bad to me. I can still see the cutting mat.