March 23, 2009

Quilt Show

Show I put in almost twice as many hours this week as I usually work at the quilt store - this week was the Quilter's Anonymous quilt show in Monroe and the only show where our shop participates as a vendor (and I can see why - it's a LOT of work and I'm exhausted!!!)

Thursday and Friday I worked in the shop, but Sunday I got a chance to work out at the show, connect with some guild friends, see the beautiful quilts on display, and even meet a blog buddy!   This is me with Candace, from Squash House Quilts, who is just as nice as can be and isn't she cute as a button?!  It was fun to finally connect with another blogger - I hope you enjoyed the show, Candace - it was really nice to meet you!

I haven't spent much time in the ol' sewing room this month.  Hopefully after the honors concert tomorrow, I will be able to return to my trusty Pfaff.  I really miss him!


  1. Lisa, it was so much fun to meet you! The show was great and I always come away filled with so much more inspiration, ideas and goodies from the vendors!

  2. What a cute picture of you! It makes me miss you even more! Candace looks so nice--I am off to check out her blog.

  3. How fun you two got to meet and there is that beautiful quilt you made in the background! Nancy in WI

  4. That's so great ya'll got to meet. She was saying how wonderful your piecing was and I was mentioning that I knew this due to my penchant for pilfering your work in the dark of night. She told me you mentioned nothing about this. I'm so thankful it remains our little secret. Well, and the FBI I reckon.

  5. Who's who in the picture??