September 27, 2009

It's Alive!


Well no, not really.  But my stash has seemed to take on a life of its own and started to take over my sewing space.  The need to clean and organize has been pulling at me for months, but I haven't been able to make myself do it.

My car accident has changed things for me.  I am no longer able to sit and sew for hours or even minutes without excruciating pain in my lower back.  Oh how I miss sewing.  I miss my machine, I miss watching Friends on my DVD player next to my Pfaff.


I went into my sewing room on Friday night after dinner.   I just received Camille's new Red Velvet Cake pattern and finally knew how I was going to use my prized Rouenneries layer cake.  I sorted squares and started cutting, but then the mess all around me stole my focus.


I started to think how I could sort and organize my collection of fabrics.  I started to pull things off shelves, off the floor, out of the closet.  I started to open storage boxes.  I needed MORE storage boxes!  I woke up early Saturday and went out to get more storage boxes.  I would corral these projects strewn around the room into some semblance of order!


I worked all day Saturday and oh, my back was killing me when I went to bed, and still hurting when I woke up on Sunday.  I completely overdid it - my body is not healthy right now and all that activity really took its toll.  But I was determined to finish what I started.  I took some ibuprofen and surged ahead.


I worked all day Sunday, taking time out to iron my clothes for work this week and to make a killer pot roast for our Sunday dinner.   I was brutal - if I didn't love it, or thought there wasn't a snowball's chance that I'd ever finish it, out it went!  Projects were gathered together with all the supplies and labeled in storage boxes.


My room looks fabulous.  I feel a great freedom and also feel my creativity returning.  Sometimes purging can be a very good thing.   Stay tuned for my upcoming stash reduction sale!


  1. You must show pictures of your straightened up stash closet!!! Can't wait to see what you want to get rid of!

  2. Ditto to the above! I'm tackling the same job in another month and I need organization ideas! Though I will totally understand your not wanting to take too many pictures of all the stuff you're purging. I've been "cleaning out" some stuff ~ little by little ~ over the past month and it's scary, appalling, a little sad, and did I mention scary? how much stuff I'm giving away to some local quilt-for-charity groups.
    But please take care of your back! And you! Not being able to sit and sew is not good for your mental health! :)

  3. I hope you're feeling better soon. No sewing is not fun. Great job on organizing and cleaning the stash room. What a nice feeling to look back and see it all clean and organized.

  4. Hopefully your back will heal. Have you hit the doc or chiropractor? I can sympathize as I cannot sit for more than 45 minutes at a time, haven't been able to for over a year now. I'm thinking of you in your recovery.

  5. There's nothing like cleaning out and getting organized to give yourself a boost! Yes, we really want to see pictures! Hope you're feeling better day by day and can get back to being creative soon!

  6. Wow - now that's determination, Lisa! I felt so good after I sorted out my studio for the move - I know how good it feels! I'm so sorry your back is still bad - I hope you can get some resolution. Mr. Squash goes to a fantastic spine doc if you want a reference!

  7. Hope your back is better soon, Lisa, then you can come come on out to Alabama and organize my sewing room

  8. I'm so sorry you are still struggling with the effects of being run over by a truck!
    I like to be organized but don't like taking time away from my sewing to get to it.
    You worked hard, a whole weekend, to get things under control, Congratulations!! You deserve a pat on the back, a soft pat : ))

  9. Hey Girlfriend, Just thinking about you tonight. Hope you took your own advise about a pain pill and an icepack. I will call you on Saturday. Maybe just a half shift on Sunday would work for you. We'll see. Of course we all want you to be there, but I know standing must be hard. Thinking of you.

  10. Hi Lisa, It IS a good feeling to get that done. Sometimes I find it hard to part with things, though, but I know I need to. My turn is looming before me in the near future. We're going to Chandler, AZ Tuesday for a week and when I get back I'm hitting it hard. I hope your back gets better soon. Back pain really messes us up. Take care. Nancy in WI