August 18, 2010

You what?!

Amy I don't recall the context of our conversation, but last weekend my 10 year old DD told me she "hates fabric." Now truly, I could not possibly have spawned such a creature! This is the girl that loves to help me organize my fabric and wants every quilt I make? Say it isn't so!

Fast forward to Tuesday - I was laying out fabrics that I'm thinking about using for an upcoming class quilt, Route 44 (Nicole blogged about it a couple of days ago). DD came into my sewing room and I ask what she thinks of the fabrics on the right hand side that I am considering for the accent color to go with these vintage Amy Butler fabrics. She goes on to describe in thoughtful detail why she thinks the one on the bottom (my pick - a Kaffe Fassett shot cotton that does not show it's true beauty in this photo) was the best choice and what was wrong with the other 3 choices.

And folks, she was RIGHT ON. So unbelieveably insightful for a 10 year old that "hates" fabric! I believe I have a future quilter with a terrific eye for color on my hands!


  1. What an eye! What ever could have possessed her to say she hates fabric? Oh, I know. She can't stop thinking about it, just like her mother!
    Your fabrics are stunning Lisa. So beautiful. Vintage Amy Butler. I love the anachronism of those three words put together.

  2. She must have just been having a bad day or a bad moment when she told you she hated fabric....

  3. I love those fabrics.
    I was hoping my now 15-year-old would be a quilter--she tells me she's just not interested--unless I buy a longarm!

  4. Huh. Isn't that neat? Gosh, thanks for sharing this. It's a special kind of moment in time. Definitely something to make note of, friend.

  5. Those Amy Butler fabrics are treasures, so lovely and so perfect for Route 44!
    Can I borrow Lilly, for just a day or two, I need her help with a few of my fabric choices!!
    I guess it's in her genes!

  6. I love these fabrics, too! I even have a few of them in my stash. I can't wait to see the quilt!! Yuor daughter has good taste.. just like Mom :).