August 23, 2010

Whoooo's surprised?

Owlpins1 Well that would be me! A dear friend pulled off a huge surprise - she asked 2 Etsy sellers to make me custom pins for my birthday. She must have directed them to my blog, because they duplicated my Stashmaster logo to a "T"

I had to get a new pincushion (also from Etsy) to display all these cute owl pins and in fact, think I need to get another because they don't all fit!

I love how the owls even have the same expressions as the ones on my blog - the baby owls have their eyes closed. And Pinks and Needles even printed my blog banner on the card that my pins arrived on. Cute, cute, cute!

Pinks Thanks to my awesome, super sweet and thougtful friend for an amazing, one-of-a-kind surprise gift.


  1. Those are super cute! Love the little branch for the owls to sit on. CUTE!!!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh! Your pins are so cute!
    I could write that you have an amazing friend to have gone the extra mile to get you such a special and unique gift, but you're worth the effort. You're lucky to have each other ~ great friends are worth appreciating and taking care of.
    So are you going to keep them ALL? ;)
    (And I'm just teasing. I have a pincushion full of pins and don't need any more... though I don't have any owls...)

  3. Cute as cute can be! What a wonderful friend!

  4. Those are just adorable! What a sweet friend.

  5. How nice!! And these pins could not be cuter...what a special gift.

  6. I could not agree with Carrie more, you're worth the effort. Not only are good friend worth taking care of, it's something I enjoy doing. Friendship, the best present of all!

  7. Those pins are adorable!! What a wonderful friend and gift!

  8. Happy belated birthday, Lisa! What a delightful gift - I know you'll really tresure these!