March 22, 2011

Move along, nothing to see here

I didn't have anything to show for my Eventide weekly update.   I have finished all the blocks and have started to sew the center rows together, but I don't have a photo to share - sorry!

I'm still hoping I can finish in time for the reveal.   Oh, good - I just looked at the calendar and we have 2 weeks left.   Now I know I can finish in time.

I'll be back soon with a picture of some sort, I promise!


  1. Too Funny. We are just too spoiled with the pictures but I'll take the update. It's a promise on new things to come. Looking forward to the great reveal!

  2. Yes! Two weeks! I have a lot of "catchin' up" to do. Can't wait to see all the finished quilt tops!

  3. I tried to move along because you said there was nothing to see here but I noticed there were letters that made words which turned into sentences. I read the sentences and those sentences informed me to come back so really - there was no reason to move along. There was something to see - something to read! ;) Silly *karendianne.