November 3, 2011

Can you resist smiling?

OrangeWhen you see this color?   Seriously - can you?  I can't... of course orange is my favorite color.  This is the second finish from my September retreat.  I made all the blocks while there and then assembled them when I got home.  This is a great project to use when you are borrowing a sewing machine - no worries about your seam allowance because you square up the blocks after putting them together.

I used Elizabeth Hartman's Crazy 9-Patch Lattice pattern.   Check out her blog Oh, Fransson! for many other very cool quilt patterns that she so generously shares with her readers.  AND I see she's coming out with a new book in May, which I know I will be buying because I loved her first book.

I've made this before in green for my niece.   It's a great way to use color blocks in a quilt and for some reason, I never stop buying orange fabric.



  1. What a great pattern! And no, I couldn't NOT smile when I saw all that happy orange.

  2. I smile whenever I see one of your new creations. Great job, Lisa!

  3. All smiles, here, Lisa! This one will bring a lot of joy over time for sure!

  4. Just love the oranges in this block WOW!