November 7, 2005

Scarf finished!

I finished the Interlocking Balloons scarf that I made with Rowan Cashsoft Aran.  I ended up knitting only 8 of the 10 pattern repeats because the scarf was getting plenty long (62").  I am disappointed by how fuzzy and pilled looking the yarn got just from the knitting.  I hope it wears okay.

I plopped the scarf into the bathroom sink in some Euculan practically the second I bound off.  The yarn bled horribly!  I tried to squeeze most of the water out by hand, but it was still pretty soaked.  So I ran it through a gentle wash cycle and it came out looking really great and the washer spun most of the water out.  It's blocking on my dining room table right now.  No pictures yet as my camera is at work.

I'm preoccupied with getting my sale items priced and my projects ready for quilt retreat - I leave Thursday.  For my next knitting project, I will return my focus to Samus.  But I'm a little burned out on cables right now.

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