February 14, 2006

Too dark?

Figs Now that I have my Buttercream & Figs quilt up on the design wall, I'm thinking that the dark brown alternate blocks are too dark for this quilt.  I think it looks ok in this photo, but something about it being on the wall and me being able to step back makes me think this fabric is all wrong.

I know from trying some other fabrics earlier that it really needs to be something tone-on-tone that reads solid, because even a small flower print I tried looked all wrong.  I want the pieced blocks to stand out, so the alternate blocks need to fade into the background.

But what to do now?  Look for a different brown, something more cinnamon-y?  I don't know, but I hate having to buy more fabric for this quilt that I thought was finished!


  1. I agree that the brown is too dark. =( You shouldn't need too much more fabric to finish it off though right?

  2. isn't a design wall great in helping you "see" that sort of thing? I would think a more beige tone may be the answer...but, what I would suggest is taking your pieced blocks to a quilt shop and pulling various bolts out and laying your blocks on a large piece...step back and see what you think- everyone will be happy to help you too!