June 5, 2006

I'm a biker chick

After watching the triathlon Saturday, I decided I needed to spend a whole lot more time out on my bike.  I went out on the Interurban trail when I got home and had a nice ride.  It is off-road and has a challenging incline at the end.  I also wanted to be able to explore it without the kids to see if it is somewhere I might like to take them.

This morning after 60 minutes on my stationary bike, I went out trail riding for 30 minutes before work.  Boy, there is just no comparison between road biking and stationary biking!  My legs felt like jello afterwards, but what an exhilarating ride.  I just loved it!  My sit-down parts are quite sore, even though I have a nice seat and I got a gel seat cover.  I think I will break down and get myself some padded cycling shorts, even though I vowed I'd never be seen in public with them.

I love my new bike and it feels really good to get out and ride.  I feel like a kid again!


  1. You went riding for 30 minutes this morning after your 1 hour bike workout? Holy cow, woman! YOU ROCK!!!!!

  2. Good for you!!! The padded shorts are not that bad and they do save those squishy bits. I have to agree with you that on the road (or trail) biking is awesome! Keep it up!

  3. Good job on the biking practice. Get the shorts, you won't regret it!! I too am worried about the swim part and what to wear on the swim. My first tri is this Saturday and I am regretting entering. YIkes!!!