June 5, 2006

Saturday Insanity!

My buddy and I wanted to go to Issaquah to watch the triathlon that our tri-swimming classmate was competing in on Saturday. I got up at 5 a.m. and left the house at 5:30 in order to meet her and carpool to the event. As I was leaving at the crack of dawn, I was seriously questioning my sanity!

We actually got a chance to see and talk to our friend Carla before she started, even though she didn't know we were coming, so that was pretty cool. We also had a great conversation with a woman that was competing in this triathlon - she gave us a really warm and fuzzy feeling about the Danskin tri that we are registered for. It took a lot of the mystery out of the event to come and actually witness the transitions and such.

It was very interesting to watch - especially the jocks that finished in under 50 minutes!  I'm still worried about the swim. My physical therapist says absolutely no swimming until after my last therapy appointment on June 23. I really feel the need to get back in the water, but I know it won't do me any good to push myself while I'm still nursing this injury.....


  1. Yikes, that is so early for a weekend day! I'm glad you could see how it works though. I know it is tough, but stay out of the water until the PT releases you! You will be so mad at yourself if you get injured again. =(

  2. Just wait until you feel better. I would worry more about other people in the swim. That's what killed me! All kinds of kicking, pushing, pulling, ugh! You'll be fine.