July 28, 2006

Black & blue & purple

No, it's not the color scheme for my next quilt, it's the color of my left arm after my second Active Release treatment yesterday.  I bruise like a peach anyway, but the deep tissue massage to release the scar tissue from my muscles has left me black and blue like you wouldn't believe.  Ouch.

It's difficult to tell if it's helping after 2 treatments because the bruising pain is so intense.  My range of motion after just the one treatment was very much improved.  Before the first treatment I could only reach behind my back to about my beltline, but after one treatment, I can reach up past my bra strap.  A great improvement!

I also got good news from my HMO - they have approved me for treatment through the guy that's covered under my insurance, though only 6 treatments.  So between that and me paying Dr. Annie for any additional treatments, I think I can swing it financially.  Especially if I truly honor my commitment to The Great Fabric Depression for the month of August.  Heaven knows I need more fabric like I need another hole in my head!

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  1. just discovered your delightful blog and took the time to read your archives, too. beautiful quilts and knitting (just a quilter, here, not a knitter) I'll be visiting again soon!