July 17, 2006

Move along, nothing to see....

But I did make a ton of progress on my red, black & cream quilt.  I have the first 4 rows sewn together and have all but the last 2 rows laid out on my design wall.  I've finally gotten into a rhythm of the sewing so that it proceeds pretty smoothly and not as boring as my getting up to stitch and press after every single seam I sew.

I noticed I made a mistake in the end piece of one of the first rows - I turned the patch the wrong way to sew it on.  But, I'm leaving it - it will be my humility block.  ;-)

I made a list this weekend of all my planned projects and collections of fabrics that don't have a particular project in mind yet.  Wow.  That was kind of a shocker.  I think I need a buying hiatus, but I say that every month and my resolve never lasts!  I do love fabric though, it is quite an addiction!


  1. Glad that you have found your rhythm of sewing and hope that it keeps up.
    Wow, making a list would be scary. I would think that it would help me avoid buying more fabric, at least to limit what you buy. I find a package here and there from time to time of fabric that I have pulled together for a particular purpose. Somehow there is always some other quilt or fabric or kit that jumps ahead in line.

  2. So sorry to hear that your shoulder has gotten worse. That really does suck!! At least you know there'll be another tri next summer that you can participate in once you get all healed up.