July 21, 2006

So excited!

I threw my checkbook in my purse this morning for some unexplained reason (I don't usually carry it with me)... well, my long arm quilter called and the Johnny & Buck baby quilt is ready, so I am going to pick it up in an hour - wahoo!  I was wondering if I might hear from her soon (the baby is due next

I am so excited to see what she's done with it!  I guess I will be sewing a binding on this weekend, and I got some of these to make the label with a cute cowboy cartoon graphic.  Fun stuff!  Will post a picture when I'm finished.

1 comment:

  1. You might have been a lame blogger but I've been a lame reader. Well, so much to say. I'll be anxious to see your quilt! I'm saddened to hear about your re-injury. Just remember, you can do something next year. You might just have to set your sights on something else. You absolutely have the motivation, just put it in a direction that won't hurt yourself. Get that massage, girlfriend! I'll keep my fingers crossed.