August 9, 2006

Another shoulder update

I went to my new massage therapist yesterday - I really liked the lady doctor that I've been seeing, and was really hesitant to change but I did it because of the insurance - heck, I'd rather pay $20 than $55!  It turns out I REALLY liked this new guy. Here's an article about him and the tecnique he is using on me.

First let me say that my shoulder hasn't really been hurting me as much since I've had my first 4 treatments. I've been doing things in the last few days that I subconsciously haven't done in MONTHS, like opening doors with my left arm, picking up my purse - simple things but things I had been avoiding because I knew it would hurt me.  Now I'm doing them again without thinking because the constant pain is no longer there.

Anyway, he tested my arm to identify the areas of muscle weakness and limited mobility.  Then he proceeded with the deep tissue massage, concentrating on a HUGE lump of scar tissue in my armpit.  OUCHIES.... Pain oh - the pain!  But afterwards, he retested the strength moves and found much improvement. With this treatment, the results are immediate.

Then, while still in his office, he asked me what I could do to recreate the shoulder pain.  The only thing I could think to do was to try and lift a weight.  Remember, I hurt myself significantly the 4th of July weekend lifting a 1 pound weight over my head during a water aerobics class. So we went out to another room and he handed me a 5-pound weight. I lifted it over my head. NO PAIN! OMG, incredible.

So my assignment from him is to try and do something that will recreate the pain, so he can see how my shoulder and supporting muscles are affected.  I talked to him about kickboxing and also about riding my bike, and he thought the bike riding would be a good test. And since I'm seeing him again on Tuesday, he can fix me if I get hurt again.

I feel like such a burden has been lifted. I finally feel like I'm going to be okay again, and he assures me that I will. It may not take the full 6 treatments either, but either way, I'm just thrilled to have found something that seems like it will work for me. I don't want just to be pain free, I want to be active and get back to my exercise classes again.  I'M SO PUMPED!!!


  1. Hooray! Being in pain and having limited physical ability is no fun at all.

  2. glad it is doing better - not being able to do much is a pain.

  3. Wow, that is really amazing how quickly that is helping! Excellent!!