August 10, 2006

Your cheatin' heart...

Today is day 10 of the August Fabric Depression.  Ten days is the longest I've been able to honor a "no buy" commitment so far this year (and I think I've made one every month except one) - yay me!  HOWEVER, I got an email from the Fat Quarter Shop that the kit I reserved on May 31 is now in stock and shipping.  Yes, technically it was a preorder and not an August purchase, but it's still fabric coming into the house.  Oh the guilt!!!!!!!

Perhaps this bloggy confession will keep my checkbook closed when I go the APNQ quilt show in Seattle tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


  1. That doesn't count! You ordered it in May! Tomorrow however is a different story. I can't believe you are putting yourself in harms way! lol ;-)

  2. Relax and just wait for your package to arrive! You deserve it. :-)
    OK, spill it which kit did you order?
    The Enabler LOL

  3. I just looked at our bank statement out of curiosity. There's not been a single month this year without a quilty purchase. Oh dear - I think I need a 12-step program. I should probably leave my credit card home when we go to Seattle on Saturday. No way, Jose!