November 19, 2006

Step right up!

Ladder Here's my latest treasure - I've been on the lookout for something like this for years after seeing one displaying quilts in a magazine.  I just happened upon it in a home dec store on Saturday.  The gal in the store wasn't even sure it was for sale, and had to call the owner, who assured her it was.  So it came home with me.  This just charmed the pants off me and I love it even more in my home.   :)

I spent the weekend rearranging my sewing room to make space for my new sewing machine cabinet.  I cleaned out drawers and moved shelves around.  The furniture had not been moved in almost 4 years and there were many mutant dust bunnies lurking behind shelves.  But now everything is nicely opened up and looks really great!

I bought the inner border fabric for my orange quilt, but my fear of doing the mitered borders kept me from attempting that this weekend - oh, that and the mess from the rearranging furniture and all!

I did spend quite a bit of time cutting - cutting out 2 new pink and black quilts that I'm planning, and cutting up 2 collections of half yard pieces that I am sharing with my sis-in-law.  We are going there for Thanksgiving dinner, so I wanted to have them ready to give her on Thursday.  It certainly takes a huge amount of time to cut and refold 80 fat quarters!


  1. OOOOO, I love the ladder - wonderful addition to your home.
    TWO black and pink quilts - woohoo!!!!! LOL

  2. The ladder is fabulous...I also like the quilt on the wall! Very cool design!

  3. I love the ladder. I want my DH to build me one 'one of these days' Happy thanksgiving.

  4. The ladder is great. Are you going to hang quilts on it?