February 19, 2007

Productive weekend!

I love having 3 days off! Too bad it's a long dry spell until our next one in May. I was able to get a lot accomplished this weekend. I got the top together for my Anniversary Stars quilt and chose the border fabrics from my stash. I thought I had some yardage of the Rhubarb and Ginger for the borders and backing, but what I had were some of the purple prints from the Sweet Romance line (same designers). I'm not completely pleased because the red is more pink than Rhubarb & Ginger, but I also do not want to go out and buy yards and yards more fabric to make the borders "perfect." I hope I will be able to live with my decision!

I also sewed the blocks together for the Charming Hearts tablerunners. I won't bother to post pictures of either of these finishes, since they look pretty much the same as the last photos and I don't want to bore you.


I looked around my sewing room, trying to find SOMETHING interesting that I could share on my blog. Well, what about my fabric stash? How do you store your fabrics? I have 3 main storage areas - the first is a CD tower that is a perfect fit for my folded fat quarters.


The second is a bookcase that houses my books and magazines, along with some stacks of fabric that I like to keep out in the open to look at, and my button collection lives on top in the glass jars.


Last but not least is my double-wide sliding-door closet. I wasn't able to stand far enough back to give you the full floor-to-ceiling perspective, but - believe me - it is stacked floor-to-ceiling. The other side is too! Fabrics are sorted by collection or project in a labeled box. Some of the largest boxes are either large backing pieces or things I have a lot of, like backgrounds. I also have many Rubbermaid boxes full of fabrics that are grouped by color, which I find really helps me when I am pulling things to coordinate with a particular print.


  1. Oh Lisa, you are so organized! I love the idea for this post. When I am home next weekend, I will take some photos of my fabric storage system and do a post on this subject too. I would love to see other people share their methods with us too! Darlene, how about you?

  2. OMG, love it all! Especially your button collections. Must do the same! =)

  3. Beautifully organized! I have my stash hidden away in a closet. I organize by color, too; but it all fits on one shelf. LOL

  4. Your fqs look scrumptious enough to eat! Sounds like it was a productive time for you.

  5. My stash is mostly hidden away in a closet, in lovely a lovely Elfa storage system, and also less lvoely plastic totes. And, there are 2 piles on the floor right now for 2 upcoming projects.
    Your FQs look awesome displayed/stored that way!

  6. Your stash is so organized - I'm jealous. I also love the buttons in glass jars --hmmmm, I may have to "steal" that idea.

  7. The CD rack idea for FQs sounds really good!